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About me

Wolfgang Kroj - Executive Business Coach

I was born in a small town near Limburg, Germany and grew up in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt.

Very early on in my education I got fascinated by the field of mathematics, a science that you could perform with a minimum of resources: your brain, a piece of paper and a pen. I studied mathematics and physics and spent one year in the US at the University of Chicago. During that time my affinity towards America and its entrepreneurial spirit was formed. Coming back from Chicago I decided it was time to make the shift from theory into practice. That move started a career of 40+ years working for subsidiaries of American IT companies starting in the formular 1 division: High Performance Computing. Apart from finance and legal I did almost any other imaginable job: Software Development, Business Development, Porfessional Services, Marketing, Pre-Sales, Product Sales, International Key Account Management, and various management functions at an EMEA level. During this time, I was able to gain in-depth experience in setting up, leading, and developing organizations. That’s why I have a wide-ranging professional network. Issues such as corporate culture, management style, talent development, teamwork, motivation and creating lasting change have accompanied me over the years. In this context, I became excited about Tony Robbins’ work and have been volunteering for his organization ever since as a trainer. I am a certified NLP Coach and a trained Strategic Intervention Coach. As a member of the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. I am mentoring innovative, growth-oriented startups that have a scalable business model.

Since 2015 I have been working as a Business and Executive Coach worldwide via videoconferencing. I became focused on helping to develop extraordinary leaders who lead from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity. In my coaching clients benefit from my professional experience and I support them in recognizing and realizing their full potential. I am not a psychologist. Instead, my approach is straight from the business side. We get to the bottom of things and recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs. That clears the way for motivation and creativity. When such a breakthrough happens, it fills me with joy and gratitude.