Change Acceptance – here is how it works!
To achieve effective and sustained change is one of the most important tasks of a leader. I provide advice and support during the transformations you are performing in your company following a structured process.

Strategy Workshop
More and more project are lost to the competition. Revenue is stagnant or even decreasing. The margin is under severe pressure. The sales team is desperate and frustrated finger pointing all over. It’s about time to take a hard look at your strategies. Set a new course using the combined power of your leadership team. Take action now and start new initiatives!
Use the Strategy Workshop to jumpstart this process. We are looking at the underlying reasons and don’t buy into “the stories”. The workshop takes place in a creative, open and cooperative environment. Together we create the plan for the future.

Building and transforming Organizations
Whether you are building a new organization or want to transform an existing one, the challenges are ver similar:

  • Which structure is the best?
  • Solid vs dotted lines
  • What are the KPI’s to measure our success?
  • How does leadership work in an international environment?
  • How do I deal with employees who feel neglected?
  • From micro-management to confident leadership
  • How can virtual teams work effectively?
  • How to best use reward and punishment?
  • How do we market ourselves within the company?