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Who needs a Coach?

Some time ago it hit the news that Tiger Woods had hired a new swing coach.



It is a sign of personal strength to hire a coach in order to become better in certain areas. For many top athletes like Tiger Woods it is natural to do so. Of course Tiger’s swing coach is not the better golfer but he is setting goals, challenges him and provides feedback. At similar performance levels, often the mental state is what decides about victory or defeat.

How does coaching work?

The basic precondition for successful coaching is the willingness to change and to take action. A coach is not a teacher, advisor, guru, problem solver, comforter or confessor. The coach supports self-guidance (take action) by providing challenges and feedback:

  • Set SMART Goals (Strong, Measurable, Attractiv, Realistic and Time bound)
  • Plan: options, paths, resources, time
  • Organization: concreate, time bound actions und processes
  • Control: progress, results, milestones


The NLP Way

In my coaching I use techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is more than just a collection of useful tools. The so called “Axioms” constitute fundamental principles and values of NLP.

Many people’s lives are controlled by negative belief systems. The most popular are:

  • I am not good enough!
  • I can’t be loved!
  • I don’t deserved it!
  • The world is evil!

During the coaching we identify your negative belief systems and overwrite them with positive beliefs that fit for you.

Six Basic Human Needs determine the quality of our life

All needs of human beings can be affiliated to 6 Human Needs. Usually one or two of them are dominant and it is extremely important to the well-being of a human being that they are being satisfied. We’ll look at your human needs and discuss what needs to happen in order for them to be met. By the way, it is possible to change the priority of a human need.

The Triad: What determines our state and how can we change?

Three factors determine how a human being feels at a given point in time, what state it is in:


Transformations or breakthroughs happen when you change focus, language/meaning and physiology according to the desired state. If you have been in that state before it helps to remember that particular situation.

So much for the theory. Let’s look at some practical examples

FOCUS: Nelson Mandela survived more than 27 years under the toughest conditions. If he had thought day-in and day-out about the injustice he suffered from and how much he hated the Apartheid System, he probably would have died early in self-pitty. Instead he focused his energy on how he would transform the society of South Africa after the end of Apartheid and had faith in his world.wide supporters. Er survived, shaped the new South Africa and became a legend.

PHYSIOLOGY: How do winners look like? They stand tall and look determined. Head and shoulders are up, they breathe deep and have impressive gestures. And the losers? They keep their heads down …

LANGUAGE/MEANING: One thing can have a totally different meaning to different people. A humorous comments can be viewed as a direct attack. For one person smoking is the ultimate pleasure while it is a deadly addiction to someone else.

With the right techniques and tools, change can be easy and happen “in a heartbeat”. Watch Tony Robbins demonstrating it in this video:


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