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Turning Point

2022 has been a year with many turning points. The most impressive “Zeitenwende” occurred when the war in Ukraine started in February. Again, war in Europe, only 850 km away from Berlin where I live. 30 years after the end of the so-called cold war there seems to be consensus that the world will never be the same again for decades to come. In a sense, apart from the conflict in former Yugoslavia, war has been happening somewhere far away and it was, until now, much easier to ignore it.

We have also seen inflation hitting well into the double-digits, making the cost of living almost unaffordable for a sizeable part of the population. The effects of disrupted supply chains due to Covid have resulted in supply shortages in most market segments. Is the “Great Reset” actually a true chance for all of us? Was 2022 really a “bad year”?

I think it depends on what meaning you give it. During the last 30 years we have been taking a lot of things for granted, in other words, we had high expectations that were mostly being met. Most of our problems back then looked pretty small compared to what we are going through now.

We can now feel sorry for ourselves and blame others for what happened and wait for “them” to fix it, or we can trade expectations for appreciation. Appreciation for the fact that we still live a pretty reasonable and happy life compared to many others in the world. Appreciation for some wonderful people in our life. I am sure everyone of us will find many things to appreciate. Instead of waiting for the world to change we can be the change and take charge. What a powerful turning point that can be!

I wish you a merry Christmas, health, inspiration and power for 2023!

The Wolf.

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