In one of his recent seminars the famous life coach Tony Robbins was asked if there was a recipe to set oneself up for a magnificent life. Here is what he recommended:


Your mindset determines the quality of your life. What are your beliefs, what are you focused on, what are your rules? If you change them, you can see dramatic shifts in your experience. What if you decided to focus on what’s right instead of what might be wrong, on the positive instead of the negative, on finding a solution instead of complaining. These days news and social medial have a huge impact on how you feel, but you have the choice to tune into channels that support and fuel your positive ambitions. Rituals and repetition will help you condition it. Surround yourself with people who support your growth, who encourage you to keep on trying instead of giving up because you are not good enough.


When I ask young people: “What’s important to you in life?“, very seldom health comes up as a priority. This changes instantly when we get sick, and the highest priority is to recover. Taking care of our body is the basis for living a long life with vital energy. It starts with what you eat and how much you eat. Learn about which food is good for you and what just poisons your body. How do you deal with junk food, sugar, coffee, and alcohol? That does not mean though that you have to live a life of scarcity and prohibition. It is about creating a mindset that highly values health and vitality. Sports help you build muscles and stay in shape.


When you want to learn or achieve something in life, it makes sense to find someone who has mastered the skill or achieved what you are looking for. If you ask them coming from a position of humility they are most likely willing to share how they did it. Most of them will actually be happy to share since they are proud of their achievement. Write down as much as you can capture. If your role model is a celebrity and seems hard/impossible to reach, spend some time on Google to find out about their story. 


You become the average of the people that you surround yourself with. Weak people surround themselves with those who have less energy, less ambition and are less successful so they can shine. Instead surround yourself with people who have reached what you want, who have the connections that you need, who play life at a higher level than you do at this point in time. Learn from them, solicit their support, and have them hold you accountable to executing on your plan. This will challenge you, and lift you to a higher level. Find a peer group that lives co-elevation as Keith Ferrazzi calls it. 


When I was young, I thought that I was entitled to everything I had. Later in my life I experienced the magic of gratefulness and that became the primary driver for me to give back to society. “Give, and it shall be given to you“, Luke says in the bible. It seems to be a fundamental law of the universe to reward those who give more than they expect to receive.