I was educated as a mathematician and worked in IT for my entire business life. I grew up in a binary world driven by logic and algorithms. No wonder that I thought that what made me a human being was my brain and that everything else was just a vehicle to help me navigate and keep me alive and functioning. My heart for instance was a blood pump, nothing else. To brain-dominated people like I was then, emotions were a strange thing, a sign of weakness almost. Emotions distracted me from the chosen logical path. Emotions were something I had little control over. I even felt ashamed of some of my feelings and tried to hide them which in turn made me look „cold“ and hard to approach by others.

When I started my journey of self-development, I discovered that the main function of our brain is to keep us out of trouble and make us stay alive. This was a great support function to have, but should it take control of my entire life? The brain was always looking for what could go wrong and trying to protect me from the consequences. Likewise, much of my education was driven by the urge to „find the error“. I realized that perfectionism had shut off my ability to truly enjoy the beauty of this world.

The new task for me was to take control of my thoughts through NLP techniques. I came to appreciate emotions as something that brings us into motion. Emotions make us remember important moments in our lives. It is not just an achievement or the outcome but the emotions we felt when it occurred.

It is mostly the brain that creates negative thoughts which trigger negative emotions for us. On the other hand, feeling love is not the result of a cognitive process. You simply cannot make yourself love someone. Besides serving as a blood pump, the heart is the place where all the answers are as it also serves as a point of connection to the universe, our creator and it creates a sense of belonging. It is our true emotional home. The brain is part of the ego that created the separation necessary for us to have an individual experience. It was an amazing journey for me from the brain to the heart and it helped me to realize who I really am and what fulfills me.